• Welcome to Lindstrand Asia

    Welcome to Lindstrand Asia

    Genuine pioneering spirit and true creativity are the result of commitment and persistence. This is brought to you by the team at Lindstrand.

  • Inflatable structures for military applications

    Inflatable structures for military applications

    Using expertise in aircell technology and utilising specialised fabrics, Lindstrand has produced some of the most advanced structures of its type.

  • Lindstrand Superbike

    Lindstrand Superbike

    Lindstrand designed and created the most impressive special shape balloon ever flown… the Lindstrand Superbike!

  • Lighter-than-air aircraft

    Lighter-than-air aircraft

    Lindstrand airships are excellent surveillance vehicles and are very useful in scientific research and advertising.

  • Lindstrand special shape balloons

    Lindstrand special shape balloons

    Lindstrand Balloons showed off some of our favorite special shape balloons at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, including the Churchill dog and Palletways dragon (Slick).


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The Lindstrand companies have been manufacturing lighter-than-air craft and fabric structures in the UK since 1978 and have in that time produced over 10,000 aircraft that operate in every corner of the globe, they have created “fly by wire” airships and world record breaking aircraft.

Lindstrand Asia is the only dealership in the world to represent both Lindstrand Balloons and Lindstrand Technologies, bringing a wide portfolio of products to the ASEAN market, from hot air balloons for advertising purposes to inflatable aircraft hangars and flood defences used by the military.