Our product range encompasses everything you need for your ballooning activity – from solo balloons and sports balloons, through to the magnificent passenger carrying balloons, in addition to special shapes; baskets in all sizes and combinations to suit every aspect of ballooning; a range of burners including single, double, triple and quad burners; plus a complete range of ADR compliant fuel cylinders, inflation fans, tethering and restraint equipment, and bags, storage solutions and other essentials.

Look up to a Lindstrand

We have been manufacturing hot air balloons from the same facility in Oswestry, United Kingdom, since 1975 and have pioneered many technical innovations offering advanced balloon technology and a superior balloon system for all balloonists to enjoy. Over that time we have produced over 1000 hot air balloons, the largest certified hot air balloon, the largest ever manned super-pressure balloon, and the largest ever thermal airship. The team at Lindstrand has always been at the forefront of aviation development, and have developed the pressurised thermal airship, use of silicone coated balloon fabrics, use of synthetic envelope material approved for hydrogen gas, and the practical solar balloon. We also carried out the first sustained manned flight in the Jetstream and created the first balloon capsule with active pressurisation. Your new Lindstrand balloon represents three decades of traditional know-how combined with the very latest space-age technology. Together they ensure that every balloon leaving our factory has been built and quality checked to the most rigorous standards the aviation industry can apply.

Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons

At Lindstrand we can offer advice on how to choose, and use a balloon for your aerial marketing campaign, and the cost of doing so. We’ll talk to you about your campaign objectives and target audiences, and recommend the size and shape of balloon to best deliver those objectives. We’ve created balloons for some of the world’s largest and most successful brands, as seen in our corporate video, so we’re no stranger to working on both client and agency side.