Individual Components


All Lindstrand envelopes are created from the finest quality polyurethane coated rip-stop fabric, which is resistant to both fungal attack and fading. The fabric is durable and withstands even the rigours of extreme flying conditions. Nomex fire retardant material is used at the base of the envelope, to protect the envelope during inflation. For larger envelope sizes we recommend that the top third of the envelope is constructed from our high strength silicon coated Hyperlife fabric. We also offer a range of optional extras to complement your envelope. These include turning vents (to allow the balloon to be rotated during flight), the Q-vent deflation system for rapid deflation and “Clearview” parachute panels to provide overhead visibility.


Lindstrand baskets are manufactured from the finest quality Indonesian cane which is flexible and durable in all conditions. All our baskets are constructed with the ‘safety cage’ principle using upper and lower tubular stainless steel sub-frames to ensure protection and to maintain their shape throughout their life. We offer a variety of baskets in all sizes and combinations to suit every aspect of ballooning, including open baskets, Single T partition baskets, Double T partition baskets, and the mammoth DXT partition basket capable of carrying 33 passengers. We can even supply easy access baskets with doors and plexiglass walls to accommodate passengers with limited mobility and wheel chairs.


Our Jetstream burners are acknowledged as the industry leader in burner technology, and have achieved an impeccable reputation for reliability with the perfect balance of power and the minimum of noise. All our burner controls and valves are incorporated into a monobloc body, which provides increased strength and efficiency, as all pressure and fluid operations occur within the monobloc housing. The monobloc also stabilises temperature, as the propane flows through the bloc, before entering the main coil and finally exiting through the burner jets. The monobloc design also enables the jets, blast valves and regulators themselves to be easily removed in the field for cleaning and maintenance. Lindstrand Jetstream burners are available as a Super Single, Double, Triple, and Quad configurations. All burners incorporate a liquid pilot light. Toggle or squeeze action options are available for Double, Triple and Quad burners.

Fuel Cylinders

Lindstrand offers two sizes of fuel cylinders: the smaller 60-litre V30 cylinder, and the larger 72-litre V40 cylinder. Both sizes of fuel cylinders are constructed from high grade stainless steel. All cylinders are equipped with a rego or tema liquid take-off valve, contents gauge, bleed valve and a pressure relief valve (PRV). Cylinders can be fitted with a branded rubber top rim to protect occupants on landing, and a choice of padded cylinder jackets is available to protect the cylinder.

Inflation Fans

All our inflation fans are manufactured with a durable stainless steel frame and a high performance propeller. The lockstop undercarriage provides the perfect angle of tilt for balloon inflation. The fans come with 3hp, 5.5hp, 8hp, and 13hp reliable Honda OHV motors.

Other accessories

We offer a Tethering V-Bridle; super quick release ‘Tugboat’ and webbing V-Bridle, full tether kits, rings, carabiners and pilot restraints. A commercial quick release for larger passenger baskets is also available. Map cases, burner and pilot bags, drop lines and fire extinguisher holders are amongst the range of accessories which are hand made from resilient Cordura. We also offer a range of manifolds, adaptors, and pressurisation systems to suit your specific needs.


Lindstrand Q-Vent

Lindstrand Q-Vent

Panoramic Easy Access Basket

Panoramic Easy Access Basket

Jetstream Monobloc

Jetstream Monobloc