Complete Systems

Lite Range

Perfect for the travelling balloonist, the Lite range includes the Lindstrand Cloudhopper, a one-man balloon consisting of a lightweight envelope (sizes 21A, 25A, 31A, and 35A), tubular stainless steel frame fitted with padded fold flat seat and backrest, a specially developed burner, an easy to store inflation handle, and a wheel option for easy removal from the landing site. For those wishing to fly passengers whilst remaining lightweight, Lindstrand offers the Sherpa Maxi range, featuring a collapsible basket with an tubular aircraft-grade aluminium frame, Cordura panels, and special lightweight “Soar-Coat” fabric envelope. The Sherpa Maxi is powered by the famous Jetstream Super Single burner, designed and styled to be the best single burner on the market, offering a complete backup of all primary functions i.e. liquid burner, pilot light, regulator and igniter in a Single burner.

X-Series Racer

The high-end sports model of balloon, designed for the hard-core competition pilots. The design of the Lindstrand X-Series (sizes 60 and 69) is focused on achieving the fastest controllable climb and descent rates in the world. The resulting envelope is a 24 gore flat panel speedster which gives competition pilots a distinct edge in competition flying. It also has excellent fuel economy and inflation characteristics.

Aerial Marketing

Hot Air Balloons are recognised as an effective part of an integrated marketing campaign, contributing high levels of brand awareness and brand saliency. The smooth almost flat surface of the Aerial Marketing Range is constructed from 24 gores of colourful rip-stop nylon. A beautiful and elegant shape is distortion free and will enhance any promotional artwork or corporate logos. The range of sizes from 77A, 90A, 105A, and 120A are the ideal balance between passenger space for corporate hospitality flights and tethering. The addition of turning vents in the balloon means the pilot has the ability to direct the brand artwork towards the target audience or the media, as needed.

Rides Balloons

Lindstrand manufactures passenger-carrying balloons in many sizes and specifications. Our customers are safe in the knowledge that they have the best equipment available both for the safety of their passengers and the reliability of their equipment. Envelopes (sizes 150A, 160A, 180A, 210A, 240A, 260A, 317A, 360A, 425A, and 450A) feature turning vents, Q-Vent rapid deflation system, and top-third Hyperlife fabric. The Single-T baskets which offer the most weight-efficient solution for the small to medium sized passenger ride operator and they also provide excellent 270 degree visibility for the pilot. The Double-T layout is becoming the preferred choice of basket for the large passenger ride balloons, affording better communication between the pilot and passengers during the flight whilst still gives the pilot good visibility in the flight direction. The burners are mounted centrally within the load frame, above the pilot. This arrangement results in a comfortable flying position and simple fuel management. Double, Triple or Quad burners are available for rides balloons, a choice of either toggle or squeeze action main burner controls, a centre gimbal block with adjustable gimbal friction, anti-rotation stops, heat shields, and and the strongest burner frames in the world. In addition, a cross link is available in Triple and Quad toggle configurations.

Special Shapes

All hot air balloons will attract attention – but special shaped balloons stand majestic, commanding aerial attention by observers on the ground. Special shapes make a dramatic appearance and are long remembered and photographed wherever they fly. Lindstrand are renowned throughout the world for their design of complex and lovable special shaped envelopes, with well-known examples including the Churchill British Bulldog, Simba the Lion King, and, of course, the world-famous Lindstrand Superbike. All Lindstrand special shaped envelopes are designed to meet the most demanding advertising needs of our clients. Our design team will help turn your ideas into reality with a colourful visual of your proposed idea. Once approved, and with the use of our computer aided technology, we turn the visual into a full working drawing from which we start the manufacture of your very own special shape. All Lindstrand special shape envelopes are fully EASA approved.


Lindstrand Cloudhopper


Lindstrand X-Series Racer

X-Series Racer

Lindstrand Rides Balloon

Rides Balloon

The Lindstrand Superbike