Site Requirements

The installation of the HiFlyer requires a 10 metre (32 feet) diameter landing platform. The inner mooring circle is 23 metres (75 feet) in diameter and the outer mooring circle is a maximum of 50 metres (164 feet) in diameter (this can be
varied and tailored to fit the needs of the site but geometry has to be considered carefully). The landing platform must be exclusive to the HiFlyer but the general public can access any of the area outside of the landing platform. Each HiFlyer site has its unique specifications, but Lindstrand has turned the most challenging locations into successes. Examples of these include a functional fountain in a city downtown, on a roof of a railway station and at the heart of an African reservation.

Certification and Approval

The Lindstrand HiFlyer is fully certified by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Most of the countries in the world will certify the HiFlyer as an aircraft. In Thailand, for example, it is certified as an amusement ride. The site must have the relevant permits/waiver for compliance with local regulations. Lindstrand will provide full documentation support to obtain national/local certification.


The HiFlyer requires 8-12 operators. The operating crew need not be balloon pilots (depending on local Civil Aviation Authority requirements) but must be trained and tested by Lindstrand’s qualified personnel and approved by the insurance company. All operators must pass the relevant tests before the Lindstrand engineers leave the site and the system is opened for fare-paying passengers. Two levels of training (Level 1 Bronze and Level 2 Silver) takes place in the form of:

  • Hands-on site training
  • Formal classroom training
  • Written and oral tests

Crew training takes from 10 to 14 days and in some cases, can be run in conjunction with the installation.


Insurance is a requirement regardless whether the HiFlyer is classifed as an aircraft or amusement ride. In some cases, it may not be possible to find a local underwriter to fully insure a HiFlyer. In such circumstances, Lindstrand can assist in obtaining competitive insurance coverage from a reputable overseas insurer providing the HiFlyer is classified as an aircraft. Depending on local regulations, it may be necessary to obtain local re-insurance in addition to such a policy.


Lindstrand Asia can assist overseas clients with financing through a UK Government export body that will look to finance up to 85% of the contract value with terms ranging from 2 to 5 years. International buyers interested in financing their purchase of the HiFlyer should notify Lindstrand Asia directly and be prepared to produce 3 years of audited financial statements.

Lindstrand HiFlyer

The Lindstrand HiFlyer is fully type certified as an aircraft by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Every component of the HiFlyer system is manufactured through the factory based in Oswestry, UK. This involves a team of expert engineers who build, inspect and approve the HiFlyer under EASA/CAA authorisation for Design (EASA.21J.176), Production (UK.21G.2089) and Maintenance (Part M – UK.MF.0061 and UK.MG.0468).